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Disrupting the Disruptors!

Disrupting the disruptors

Cybercrime, extortion's data breaches have something in common, that is infiltrating the system through Impersonation of Known and Trusted Entities and BEC attacking commercial, government and non-profit organizations unabated.

It is possible because the target person is represented in the system by a digital proxy, like a password or a device and data. That digital identity is easy to steel, copy, sell, and reuse.

The Solution lies in Biology based real time live person recognition. It is the singular natural Anchor of a permanent, and unique identification of a person inexorable trough his/her life time.

Our Gate keeper software will allow only a live visually observable recognized and authenticated person to log in and be active only while present throughout the transaction and will ignore any and all digital streaming of impersonation and BEC attempts.

The current state of cybersecurity.

Using personal data for security identification is fundamentally flawed and unacceptable for the society. Violates personal privacy and confidentiality norms worldwide. All identifying information of a person entails voluntary and/or clandestine collection of data and images, making the records inherently malleable.

No matter how many factors of identification we try to impose on the user there is always a possibility of someone inadvertently circumvent our cyber defense efforts because cannot remember, unable, unwilling or simple careless to follow rules. Clearly people are fallible, they are not machines and drags down your overall Cyber Defense Strategy.

The Pass/Fail decades old concept of security check is simplistic, primitive and an arrogant attitude toward the user, and once they pass they are subject to hacking and clearly is not working. No security is possible without an absolute point of reference to Anchor the identity of a person.

Anonymity no more. To be known and be on the record will incriminate a person and disrupt internal unauthorized activity.

Author - immigrated from Hungary in 1972 with a technology background, but studying human behavioral science was always my passion. What are people’s natural response to changes particularly in revolutionary changes in technology? We are now living in the communication revolution era and people’s response to instant dissemination of expression and information. More on me on LinkedIn profile:

· Patent title: Touch activated controller and method Patent date Issued: Sep 9, 1980 Patent issuer and number: us 4221975


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