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Digital Forensics - Learn from the Best of Best! PFIC 2023 - DFIR - OSNIT + Cyber!

PFIC brings together the best experts in digital data training covering a broad range of topics from DFIR, OSINT, eDiscovery, ransomware, malware, and more. When you attend PFIC you are guaranteed to learn something new.

PFIC is primarily virtual with a small group in person with our speakers in Nashville TN.

OSINT not OSINFO Mike Raggo & Chet Hosmer, SilentSignals Windows 10 & 11 Forensic Artifacts Dave Shaver, DFIR Professional ChatGPT and Other AI for Investigations Greg Kipper, Paraben Corporation Chet Hosmer, SilentSignals

Starting a digital investigations practice Don Wochna, Wochna Law Group Case Study - Why screenshots are not forensic evidence Stephen Komorek, API International Consulting Group Virtualization & Investigations Greg Kipper, Dave Shaver, & Amber Schroader From the Digital Firehose, a Cyber Incident Responders Perspective Steve Ramey, Sompo International Social Media and Online Investigations: Identifying Unknown Individuals Matthew Golabek, Hetherington Group Smartphone & IoT Investigations the Return of the Data Amber Schroader, Paraben Corporation Case Study - Innocent After Proven Guilty: My Work With The Innocence Project Scott Inch, KASE Forensics

End to End Digital Investigations: Computers, Smartphones, OSINT Amber Schroader & Kevin Fisher, Paraben Corporation



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