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CORE-IT PROS- Accelerate The Learning Process

There is no other way to say it so here it is, you cannot troubleshoot a network proficiently unless you have proper training and practice.

Part of the learning process is to take a course, read, watch others and then adapt any techniques to own style. Most analysts I speak to agree that having someone show you how to do something is the best approach. No time is wasted on the history of networking or topics that don’t apply to your situation or network.

Over the years I’m sure you have found your ‘favorite’ analyst, website, youtube channel, etc where you go to get information and help. Every site and presenter will have their own style that you gravitate to.

For example there are sites that have a lot of background info, footnotes and references for you to go through when explaining a topic. These sites may even have videos that are over 30 minutes long to dig into the nitty gritty. Then there are others that are short and sweet.

One of the unique things about the conference is that attendees will see three different troubleshooting and training approaches. In this video Laura covers this point.

Attend the conference with Laura Chappell, Mike Pennachi, Tony Fortunato August 22 - 26, 2022



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