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CORE-IT is a FREE virtual conference offering training from Chappell University!

Join Me Free Online at CORE-IT!

CORE-IT is a FREE virtual conference offering training on core tools, protocols, and practices for the IT/cyber industry professionals and students. Register now at On March 24-30th, we will host a free online event with many of my long-time friends in the industry, top-notch trainers, mentors, developers of well-known products, and more!

Please join me in this inaugural online event! - Laura

The image below depicts the Virtual Event Center and gives you an idea of the areas and happenings within the event. For more information, visit our CORE-IT Information page.

Here's a bit of information about this free online event.

Event Schedule Day 1 (March 24th): On this day, the event runs on a schedule, just like a physical conference.

Day 2-7 (March 25-30): Can't make it to the conference on Day 1?

Don't worry - all sessions will be available on demand on days 2-7.

Training Tracks Track 1: Catch one of the training sessions on the top tools you need to know for the IT/cyber industry - including Nmap, Wireshark, NetScanTools Pro, and more.

Track 2: This track contains training sessions that delve into the key protocols. Whether your focus is troubleshooting, optimization, security, or development of network applications, you MUST know the protocols!

Track 3: These training sessions put together best practices using key tools and core protocols. Watch the experts share their tips and techniques.

Exhibit Hall Visit the sponsor virtual booths in the Exhibit Hall where they will be sharing all sorts of resources and offers. Chat with the sponsors to learn more about their products, services, and opportunities.

We are All Students Regardless of whether you are enrolled in a formal school or are focused on continuing education to advance your career and improve your skills - you are a student. Visit the Student Union booth for something special. Mentor Manual: This free downloadable book contains advice and anecdotes from professionals and influencers in all areas of the IT/cyber field.

Micro-Training Modules: Short-and-sweet videos filled with insider tips and tricks.

Open Badge Quiz Room Open Badges offer a visual representation of achievements through badge images that are packed with verifiable data that can be shared via social media and web sites. Open Badges are already issued and accepted as micro-credentials by thousands of organizations across the world.

Again, I invite you to join me and a few of my friends in this FREE virtual event. Your feedback on this event will be my guidance on the future of this event as I hope to see this event continue and expand to provide a cost-effective, green, option for online networking. Cheers! -Laura Chappell Founder of Chappell University and Wireshark University



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