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Wireshark USB - JS8Call Rig Control Error - Part 2 (by Paul Offord)

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

It's been a while - sorry about that. If you remember I was having problems controlling my Icom IC-7200 transceiver from my computer through a USB connection. After a short period the connection from PC to transceiver failed, requiring restarting the radio and the PC software. So what gives?

In this video we get down into the detail with Wireshark.

If you are an amateur radio enthusiast, this technique may be useful to investigate USB problems. If you are a fan of Wireshark, in this video you'll discover how it renders USB. In the final part I'll tell you what I find the problem and how I fixed it.

Author: Paul is Head of Site Reliability Engineering at a financial services company. He has authored some Wireshark plugins and holds an Advanced Amateur Radio License (callsign M0PXO). This is a personal blog and in no way represents the stance, opinion or strategy of his employer.



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