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Changing Packet Arrival Time in Wireshark

When I teach, present or use some reporting tools, I like to change the date for many reasons.

I searched around the net and quickly pulled into the python scapy rabbit hole, then I remembered Wireshark’s Time Shift feature. I wasn’t sure what the limits of it was and thought I would try it out.

I took a trace file from 2012 and wanted to change the time to 2022. I went online and converted 10 years to hours and got 87660. I then went to Edit->Time shift and entered 87660:00:00. Done, worked like a charm.

Tony Fortunato, Network Performance Specialist

Tony Fortunato is a network performance expert who has been designing, implementing, and troubleshooting networks since 1989.

His company, The Technology Firm, provides clients of all sizes with services ranging from project management, network design, consulting, troubleshooting, custom-designed training courses, as well as assisting with equipment installation.

Tony has taught and presented at numerous colleges and universities, public forums, and hundreds of private classes.



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