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Capturing Packets on WIFI

I want to keep this one brief since the title pretty well explains everything.

Capturing packets on WIFI can be quite a task, especially if you are going to try it with your default adapter and drivers. In this session, I use my NetAlly AirCheck G3 as an example, but many of the points I cover are relevant to pretty well any wireless capture tool.

In this video, I cover lots of little things you should be aware of when trying to capture packets and the benefits of using a specialty tool.

One of the more important points I cover is decrypting WIFI packets with the key point being that you need the beginning of the trace where the client authenticates with the access point. I can not stress enough that you should try this out BEFORE getting a troubleshooting ticket. Trying to figure this out in the field for the first time is a recipe for disaster.

FYI, we do not sell or resell any of the products in this article.

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