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Baselining Session – Tool or Tools

I’m surprised how many people either read about the free 2 hour baselining session too late, or asked to attend, but I had reached my limit of 10. A few people asked if I could ‘squeeze’ them in. Unfortunately, 10 is my limit to provide the proper attention in my sessions.

I’m hoping to have another one, I just don’t know when since paid engagements will take priority. I decided to put this one when I noticed I had a ‘quiet’ spot in my calendar.

After the event, I got a few emails asking to share the material, so I thought why not take a few slides and create a video so you can get the context of the slide.  In my opinion, just looking at a bunch of slides is totally different than attending and hearing the extra stuff I add when I’m presenting along with the attendee’s feedback.

Here is one of favorite slides. Let me know if you want more with a like.




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