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Determining ARP Refresh Rate With Wireshark

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

There have been more than a few times where I had to illustrate that ARP was an issue.

When a suspected ARP issue, or you just need to understand how often a device ARP’s, or you need a good challenge when using your favorite packet analyzer, this is a great exercise.

There are 2 basic goals to this video:

  1. Always learn how to configure your tools for the task at hand. In this specific example I turn off my colors, disable my bytes view and configure my time format.

  2. Protocol analysis is largely an exercise in pattern recognition, using the correct display and filters allow you to see that pattern. Even if you are just learning, this is a great way to figure things out.

In this specific example, I was chatting with someone about ARP timeouts and mentioned that I only had up to Windows XP figured out and documented, then he asked “what about windows 8 and 10?” to which I responded, “I’ll show you how to do it so you can figure it out yourself.

Now you can figure out the ARP behavior of any device regardless if it’s a computer, appliance IOT device, etc..

In this video, I measure how often my windows 8 laptop refreshed its ARP cache while pinging my default gateway. Funny thing, as soon as we figure it out – which took about 5 minutes because we had to wait for the packets and ARP refresh, he asked “Is it different when you use TCP?”. I laughed and said “well you know how to do it, figure it out”

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