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Profiles Are Power - Best Practices for Network Problem Solving

Betty DuBois, ‘Chief Detective’ and founder of Packet Detectives, joined Tom Peterson on CloudShar's webinar titled Profiles are Power: Best Practices for Network Problem Solving.

Betty and Tom used their combined 30+ years of experience to lead us in a training session and discussion on the benefits of using profiles to get the most out of captures.

Watching Betty explain her methodology and share such valuable insight was something viewers won’t soon forget. Watch as they take you through an in-depth analysis of a TCP window problem and in doing so teach you the following:

  • What are profiles and how can they be used to solve issues faster?

  • Importing and managing profiles in CloudShark

  • Tips and techniques to improve team collaboration using profiles

  • How to solve problems before 9:30 and still get paid for a full day!

If you like this lesson, you might consider enrolling in Betty’s pre-conference class at Sharkfest US 2020.

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