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Network Detection and Response: Cloud Security's Missing Link

It’s the holy trinity of enterprise security:

Gartner’s SOC Visibility Triad.

If you’re not familiar with the triad, here’s a bit of backstory: It comes from the Cold War-era idea of a “Nuclear Triad”—strategic bombers, intercontinental ballistic missiles, and submarines—that significantly reduced the risk of an enemy destroying all of one nation’s nuclear forces in one strike. In short, the Nuclear Triad was a cohesive mechanism that essentially prevented first strikes altogether. In much the same way, modern enterprises can deploy a triad of security measures to significantly reduce the risk of attackers operating on a network long enough to achieve their goals.

This free .Pdf and info - Graph will discuss : THE SOC VISIBILITY TRIAD WHICH INCLUDES:

This is a super free and no registration .Pdf and Info-Graphic is great reading and introduction into the SOC Visibility Triad. Click here to get and read!

The author - Ryan Davis is the Senior Product Marketing Manager for Cloud Security at ExtraHop and is responsible for driving the New Technology product and solutions marketing strategy.

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