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Apposite Tech Talk Webinar- What's New in Netropy 4.0 - Nov 20, 2019 11:00 AM ET

What's New in Netropy 4.0

Join this Tech-Talk to review the latest features of Netropy 4.0!

Join this free webinar to discover the great new features in the latest release of Netropy.

Join us for a walk through the completely redesigned user interface with our systems engineer, Cade Nelson, and learn how the new updates will help you better visualize your emulated network, enhanced Test automation, and make Netropy even easier to use.

Netropy will help you benchmark your network with important knowledge like Bandwidth, Latency, Loss and more!

This Tech-Talk with Cade will highlight: • The new topology editor view • The addition of a RESTful API • Preset network profiles • And more

So Learn more about How you can Learn More about your Network! Click here!

Your guide to the New Netropy - Cade Nelson first joined the tech industry in 1996 as the 57th employee for Earthlink Networks. Starting as a Tech Support Representative he quickly worked his way up to Senior Network Engineer. Cade has built many networks from the ground up. Cade has held Network Engineering positions at Zyan Communications, Rosetel Networks, Indymac Bank, and then moved into storage and application performance market working for Tape Labs, Fastsoft, and Transfersoft. When he is not troubleshooting networks you can find him taking his two Patterdale Terrier on 10 mile hikes. When he is not hiking you find him dealing with two Patterdale Terriers that are upset for not being on 10 mile hikes.

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