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Capturing the Right Packets to solve your problems! Free Lab Webinar with Mike Pennacchi

Mike Pennacchi, a well known Analyst and Speaker show you how to capture the correct packets to help you solve your issues!

While we would like to be able to solve problems without the need to capture packets, sometimes it is the only way to get to the root of a problem.

In this webinar, we will be combining tools from NetAlly and ProfiTap to demonstrate how to get the right packets the first time.

We will look at how the new NetAlly EtherScope™ nXG can be combined with the ProfiTap Booster and IOTA to quickly and accurately capture the correct packets.

Real World Lab Webinar Length: 30-40 minutes plus questions!

Mike has been troubleshooting networks for the last 25 years. He started out as an application developer and network administrator. After attending a session at Interop in 1995, he discovered his love for capturing and analyzing network traffic. Since then, he has traveled the world resolving network problems and teaching others how to solve their own networking issues.

Since 1997, Mike has been an instructor at Interop. His sessions have included application performance analysis, open source tools, and Wireshark. In 2002, he started Network Protocol Specialists, LLC. His company works with customers and network troubleshooting vendors to both solve problems and develop network analysis tools.

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