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Empower your analysis teams with capture profile management!

Title: Webinar - Empower your analysis teams with capture profile management

Overview -

CloudShark capture profiles are one of the most powerful ways to tailor your analysis view, significantly decreasing the time it takes to solve problems. Your column choices, decode rules, and decryption settings all apply towards making your job easier. In CloudShark 3.7, the new profile manager not only lets you fine-tune your own work, but revolutionizes how your team works with captures - building a curated base of expert profiles that evolves over time and helping all of your analysts and engineers.

Join Tom for a special webinar highlighting profile management in CloudShark.

He’ll show you:

  • How profiles work in CloudShark

  • Best practices for using them in analysis

  • How the profile manager lets you share them with groups

  • How create organization-wide profiles unique to your analysis issue

Tom Peterson works at CloudShark helping bring pcap analysis to the web. Getting started with networking at 2005 performing testing at the InterOperability Lab at UNH he began by learning IPv6 and moved from there testing IPsec, firewalls, and other network security devices. Testing a variety of protocols and devices has led to a passion of looking for strange behavior in a pcap file and getting to the bottom of it.

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