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October is Cyber Safety Month - Some basic Rules to keep you safe!

Playing it SAFE in a High Tech World - By Bill Alderson!

Remember The IRS, Social Security, Police, your Bank, credit card company..etc will never send you an email or a phone call asking for you to give out your information , never go to an embedded special link in an email, give out information, ask you to send money, give a credit card info........etc. Every call, email, txt..etc should be suspect!

Phishing is the #1 method of stealing your information!

Phishing is a Cybercrime in which a target or targets (You) are contacted by email, telephone or text message by someone posing as a legitimate institution to lure individuals into providing sensitive data such as personally identifiable information, banking and credit card details, and passwords, including medical information!

ALWAYS be suspect, and ask for their name and extension than hang up and call the institution back directly from the number on your card or another reliable source. NEVER call the number that they give you, or a link!

Teach your children the follow rules also! This includes social media sites!

Some basic rules to follow - 1. Be careful where and what you “click”.

2. Never click on a link or any item in an email from someone you do not know.

3. Never do bank business from a link in an email – go directly to the Banks website and log into your account in their secure system.

4. Always allow your computer, cell phone or other technology device to update automatically.

5. If you need to write passwords down, always leave out at least one character, maybe at the start or end; never keep passwords on or under your computer; and consider using a password application.

(I use a center word that I never write down)

6. Do not use the exact same password repeatedly. Change at least 2-3 characters each time. Use a system only you know!

**Suggestion - Change passwords monthly to quarterly, never wait for a breach alert!

7. NEVER give anyone your username and password over the phone.

Never leave this information on a sticky note on your desk!

8. If a credit card company calls you asking for information DO NOT GIVE ANY INFORMATION. You call them with the phone number on your card and inquire if they need information.

9. Always take your receipts with you from restaurants. Plus anytime you use a charge!

10. Learn to recognize Phishing. Enter the web link manually!

Never follow an embedded link!!!! Never follow an embedded link to answer questions or give personal information!

Be suspect of every email, and phone call.

Bill Alderson is the CTO and co-founder of HOPZERO, a company that limits data travel and creates a “safe house” for organizational datacenters.

Alderson has worked with 75 of the Fortune 100 organizations and gained notoriety for helping the Pentagon recover communications immediately following 911.


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