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Interview with Datacom Systems Managing Director -Tomy Issa!

Interview with Tomy Issa the Managing Director of Datacom Systems, Inc.

Tomy introduces us to the new goals of Datacom Systems the founders of the Network Visibility Market.

Tomy has strategically combined the old standards of technology that made Datacom Systems a leader and add it to the new modern and innovative control technology.

Tomy talks about their ability to do Warm upgrades to their technology that keeps their systems in the game without disruption!

All of Datacom's products meet or exceed all existing standards especially those needed to deal with the U.S. Government and other highly sensitive networks.

Tomy Issa - Tomy Issa joined Datacom Systems in September of 2017 as CTO and Engineering’s VP, driving the vision and development in a highly complex and transformational industry environment. Tomy’s broad history in companies like Nortel, where he led the chip design teams, being a part of IXIA’s test and measurement business, JDSU’s visibility organization, pitching the sale of VSS to Danaher and paving the way for a 4.5 x acquisition of VSS into the Danaher Communications group, allow for a unique and holistic development perspective that he is now applying at Datacom. During Tomy’s time as the Solutions Director for Luxoft (DXC) an IT Outsourcing company he created requirements and oversaw the development of the first Virtual Lab Platform in the industry. As the Senior Solutions Architect for Danaher’s Communications Sector, Tomy’s responsibility was creating synergies in the Network Solutions portfolio of the communications sector across multiple operating companies. Prior to Danaher, ISSA was the VP Market Development at JDSU responsible for the strategic alignment of JDSU’s new Visibility Platform, he joined IXIA in 2008 to develop the MSO market, prior to was a member of of Microsoft’s Comms Sector and joined Allied Telesis, a large equipment manufacturer, in 2004 as the VP of the Americas. Tomy started his career in the telecommunications industry with Nortel Networks where he worked himself up all the way from Device Engineer to Nortel’s Global Vice President of Emerging Networks. He earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s in Electrical Engineering at the Oklahoma State University and his Masters Certificate in Digital Communications Networks from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Tomy passion is the study of game-changing technologies and demystifying them for his customers.


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