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Free Webinar - Accedian and Splunk - Threat Detection

Coming on October 17th – Accedian Unveils Next-gen Skylight Security for Splunk Threat Detection

You do NOT want to miss this webinar!

Here is the Video for your review!

There has been 3800+ IT security breaches in 2019 and counting and those are just the ones being reported!

Cyber security threats are pervasive and continuous!

It’s not a matter of will you get breached. It’s more of a matter of when.

Many vendors, enterprises, and public agencies talk about the need for increased cyber security. Accedian has done something about it. Smart firewalls and endpoint protection help prevent bad actors from casually breaching the network perimeter. But once they are inside the network and insinuate themselves as a valid entrant, they can cause extreme damage.

Only ubiquitous threat and behavior detection that views every network transaction from the network edge to the cloud and datacenter can help prevent bad actors from exfiltrating critical data and generating other mayhem.

In this 30-minute webinar and live demo with our :

VP for Cybersecurity Strategy, Michael Rezek and

Director of Cybersecurity Solutions, Andrey Yesyev.

You will learn how the Skylight Security App for Splunk examines, in real time:

  • Signatures

  • Behaviors

  • Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP)

Skylight provides complete visibility for the entire digital landscape, especially the hard to see virtual attack surface. Skylight has been combined with the Splunk data lake to provide next-generation intrusion detection that captures 100% of the key security network protocol transactions.

Skylight transports that information back to the collector over the same production network with no QoS impact. This enables long-term data retention in the Splunk data lake and is used to fuel advanced security analytics, investigation workflows and alert management.

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