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NDP-TV - The Secret to Creating a Perfect Inline Security Solution with Keith Bromley

The Secret to Creating a Perfect Inline Security Solution

You are invited to a Zoom Webinar on Monday, October 28th at 1400 hrs ET.

Summary -

Security is top of mind for most IT departments. Once the subject comes up, everyone has their own ideas about what security tools (IPS, IDS, DLP, WAF, etc.) and what defense strategies (black list, white list, defense in depth, etc.) should be put in place. But what about the basic functionality that enables the security solutions themselves? How do you create “visibility” into the network that delivers the right security solution? Join us for a podcast to learn what a visibility architecture is and how you can use it to create the right inline security solution for YOUR network.

Key Points of the Discussion:

  • A Visibility Architecture is an end-to-end infrastructure which enables physical and virtual network, application, and security visibility!

  • Inline security solutions (firewalls, IPS, SSL decrypt, WAF, etc.) are installed in the path of live network traffic and can be used to analyze traffic in real-time!

  • Before you install any tools, you need to install an external bypass switch. A bypass internal to a security has inherent limitations that you don’t want to discover during an “event.”

  • Network packet brokers (NPBs) are central to an inline security solution because they can parse the requisite data needed and distribute that data to one or more security tools!

  • NPBs also allow you to serially chain suspect data and pass that data from tool to tool for analysis and to load balance data across multiple devices for n+1 survivability!

  • Security tools (like NGFW, WAF, IPS, TLS decryption, etc.) can then be used to implement your data analysis strategy!

Follow-up Information:

  • Author - Keith Bromley - is a senior product management and marketing professional at Ixia, a Keysight business, with over 25 years of high tech software and hardware experience. In his role, he is responsible for thought leadership, product management and marketing activities for network monitoring, network security, VoIP and unified communications (UC) for enterprise and carrier solutions. Keith is a E.E. and a dedicated technologist.

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