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Free Webinar - Security Forensics & Threat Hunting - Uncovering Actionable Events

Security Forensics & Threat Hunting - Uncovering Actionable Events

Wed, Jul 10, 2019 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM CDT

(Noon PDT, 3 PM EDT)


In this webcast, we will cover ways to discover malicious activity in your network. While there are many sources of information, the network remains one of the most reliable as, at some point, attacks must use the network to communicate.

Paul Asadoorian and Matt Alderman will provide an overview of analyzing DNS events and other sources to discover subtle attacks against your infrastructure.

Then, Charles Thompson from VIAVI will help guide you on this journey and cover some good places to start, how to perform threat hunting and figure out what happened during a security event. Once you determine what happened the next question usually surrounds the impact of the breach, just how deep was the intrusion and what data was compromised? Charles will demonstrate how VIAVI Solutions are positioned to help you answer this question and more!

Paul Asadoorian – Founder and CTO at Security Weekly Productions has spent time “in the trenches” implementing security programs for a lottery company and then a large university. Paul is offensive, having spent several years as a penetration tester.

Matt Alderman– Chief Executive Officer Security Weekly Productions - Matt is someone who understands the intersection of Security, Compliance, and Risk? He is accomplished in Security, Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC).

Charles Thompson – Sr. Director of Product Management VIAVI Solutions

Charles will discuss the importance of response/remediation in a strong security strategy and the role wire-data plays in having the forensic detail needed to identify a breach, understand the scope of impact and ability to confirm restoration of network performance to pre-incident baselines. Charles has a career spanning 20 years in the IT space specializing in using wire-data to assist SecOps and NetOps teams with management, analysis, and protection of critical applications, services, and data.

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