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Free Webinar - Explore WAN links, Latency, Loss and More with Wireshark!

In this month’s "Know Your Network" webinar, June 11th at 10am PDT/1300 ET,

Mike will be covering a number of topics surrounding the transport of data across WAN links. We will look at the impact of latency and packet loss on data throughput and how to analyze that traffic using Wireshark.

From a physical level, I’ll be talking about MPO/MTP cabling and connectors as well as looking at how we can quickly test it.

Topics for this months webinar:

  • MPO/MTP Cables, Connectors, and Testing

  • Using iPerf to measure TCP and UDP throughput and packet loss

  • Sending traffic with the Apposite TrafficJam

  • Impairing WAN traffic with the Apposite Linktropy WAN Emulator

  • Analyzing WAN traffic with Wireshark

At the conclusion of the webinar attendees will have a good idea of how WAN traffic is impacted by various impairments, what to analyze that traffic and what to do to make it better.

You can register for this free webinar at:

Network Protocol Specialists, LLC is comprised of a group of dedicated network troubleshooters that enjoy both solving network problems and teaching others how to solve their own network related problems. We believe that by being both instructors and analysts, we are able to bring our real world experience into the classroom, as well as bringing the theory and concepts from the classroom into the real world.

Mike Pennacchi is the owner and lead network analyst for Network Protocol Specialists, LLC. He has over 25 years experience as a full time troubleshooting consultant and trainer. Mike’s specialty centers around TCP/IP, network troubleshooting, packet analysis, network troubleshooting training.

Mike spent 9 years with PACCAR working as an application developer, LAN administrator, and Network Technology Manager. The next 6 years was spent at Pine Mountain Group, Inc. as a senior network analyst and trainer. During this time he traveled around the United States troubleshooting critical network problems. Mike has been an integral part of the Interop, the network industry’s premier tradeshow, since 1997. At Interop 2005 Las Vegas Mike led the team of networking professionals responsible for patching and troubleshooting the event network. Beginning in 2007, he became the lead network engineer for the show network.

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