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Analyzing Network Traffic with ProfiSight

Hey packet heads!

We all love packets, right? They are great. They (mostly) tell us the wireline truth. They can make the difference between resolving a problem and just taking shots in the dark.

One area where packets can get daunting is when we need to do long term capture on high speed links. Have you ever had to comb through a few hundred gigs of captures just to get some simple traffic statistics?

If you have, then you know that in these types of environments, packets can bury us in detail.

Historically, we have turned to NetFlow to get long-term traffic stats on networks. But now, ProfiTap has engineered the ProfiSight, which can provide NetFlow stats and MUCH more on traffic flows.

It is a great tool that is now a part of my troubleshooting toolbox, and I wanted to share a demo of it with you.


Chris Greer is a Network Analyst and Wireshark Trainer for Packet Pioneer LLC. As a consultant for hire, Chris brings years of real network and application troubleshooting experience to the classroom, helping people to learn how to get to the true root cause of performance issues. When he is not digging deep into packets or teaching others to do the same, Chris can be found blogging here on NetworkDataPedia or shooting videos for his YouTube channel -


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