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NDP-TV - TCP/IP still works but we need more! Like Flow Logs?

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

If you want to watch the video - Click Here

TCP/IP Works so why are IT Teams Flying

Among all the change within IT, the one constant has been TCP/IP technology!

When Vinton Cerf and Robert Kahn invented and deployed TCP/IP in the 1980's no one expected it to be the foundation of all modern communications! Yet still today we are still discovering new ways to use this foundation technology and we are still struggling with Knowing our Networks and Protecting them! Visibility is the Key - The more you see the better you can manage and protect.

While reliable and scalable, this reliance has consequences:

  1. IT teams know less about how IT infrastructure connects and functions

  2. There are no open standards defining the who, what, where, and how users and devices are communicating

The result: IT often struggles to keep on top of user experience, performance issues, and security threats.

The answer is enriched flow records combined with sustained line-rate packet capture and analytics. Enriched flow strengthens standard/extended flow with network connectivity, user identity, and infrastructure KPI's ( Key Performance Indicator ) retained in a single record and stored unaltered over time.

Join the May 7th, 10 am (ET) Webinar -

This session with guest speaker Mike McGrath ( A seasoned data network professional) from VIAVI will help you understand how Observer unites the combined power of visualizing enriched flows with collaborative packets and packet level data to deliver comprehensive visibility to SecOps and NetOps teams.

VIAVI Solutions has a long history in network and infrastructure monitoring with leadership supporting IT teams including more than 25 years in the Network Performance Monitoring market. now has a new and valuable tool to help Network and Security Team see more and Understand their Networks!

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