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Free Webinar - 4 Gaps to Fix in Your Security Detection and Response!

Click here to see the video of this super Webinar on Security Gaps.

Strategies from expert threat hunters designed for NetOps & SecOps teams

Times: 9 am or 11 am Central Time

On Wednesday, April 24th, VIAVI will host will be security-focused, featuring a roundtable discussion with expert security threat hunters who will reveal the top pitfalls they see in enterprise security strategies. As their decades of experience converge, common themes appear, identifying the gaps that put their clients at risk for being the next news headline.

The worldwide spend on information security products and services is expected to reach $124 billion in 2019 – with detection, response and privacy regulations driving increased demand.* Clearly enterprises recognize the need for security beyond upfront preventative measures, but are you addressing the most common pitfalls in detection and response efforts?

Join former US Marine security threat hunter Brad Palm, security investigator Tim O’Neill, and certified ethical hacker Matt Allen, as they identify the four biggest gaps and discuss strategies that NetOps and SecOps need to implement to improve their overall security posture and effectiveness.

Discussion will include:

  • Top 4 critical gaps in real-time and post-event security strategies

  • Best practices for utilizing benchmarks to identify aberrant activities

  • Strengths and limits of different network data types for threat hunting and post-event response

  • Top metrics and wire-data needed for successful incident investigation

Do Not Miss this webinar - It will get you thinking about your potential Gaps - Tim

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