• Tony Fortunato

Enabling SNMP in Windows 10

SNMP has been around since 1988 and was critical when network analysts monitored equipment. It was also a very important part of a technician’s toolbox when troubleshooting. Some of the more common things I use SNMP for is to determine uptime, bandwidth usage, errors and even software inventory.

There are many free SNMP based applications out there like mrtg (www.mrtg.org) and even command line tools like SNMP Software’s SNMPWALK (https://snmpsoft.com/shell-tools/snmp-walk). When combined with WMI based tools you can get a lot of detail with requiring a Windows login account.

In the past articles I covered how to enable SNMP in windows 7 and 8. In this video I cover how to enable SNMP in Windows 10 and what to look for.



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