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Cisco Log Tip

Logs are a vital piece to the troubleshooting or monitoring methodology. I’m sure everyone has looked at a log at some point in their career for one reason or another.

One of the benefits in writing the odd piece of network automation code is that you learn about some pretty cool commands. In this case a team was making changes to several pieces of equipment at various times throughout our change window.

At one point there was some concern that it would be difficult to figure out quickly when and who made a change. That’s when I suggested the Cisco send log command. The command can get quite elaborate but for our purposes, and this article, I will keep it brief.

I suggested whomever makes a change type cisco send “Tony is changing the static route for x.x.x.x” then make your changes and the end type cisco send “Tony has completed the change and testing was successful”.

I explained that I use this command in my scripts so I know what a script is doing and when it ran. Such a simple command that saves me a lot of time and confusion in the field.

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