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The Art of the Packet Challenge!

Free Webinar - The Art of the Packet Capture Challenge!

Packet capture challenges are fun and rewarding exercises for honing your network and security troubleshooting skills, and our most recent holiday capture challenge was a tough one! But how do these challenges translate into real-world solutions? In this webinar, you’ll learn how experts approach challenges like these, using the right tools to uncover often deeply hidden problems.

Join us on February 7 at 11:00 ET, with special guests Sake Blok of SYN-bit, plus Tony Efantis and Scott Lohin of Sealing Tech, for an in-depth look at tackling problems like these with armed with nothing more than a pcap and some hints - often the only things that today's network troubleshooters have to go on.

Register today!!!

Join this illustrious Team of Experts along with the CloudShark Team and hone your analysis skills!


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