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Wireshark Use Case: Slow Response Times - Part 4

Now we step into the data center to look a bit deeper into a slow response time problem using PCAP traces, Wireshark and markers.

So far we believe that we have proven that the problem isn't a network problem but is due to a slow response from the web server. Luckily we have matching traces captured in the data center.

Better still the data center trace shows browser to web server and web server to database traffic. So let's crack on and see if we can narrow the problem down further. Ideally we want to know if it's a web application problem or a database problem.

You can download the MRK02 Sample Traces set used in this series of videos from here.

You can get a free copy of TribeLab Workbench through the TribeLab Community site. For full details see the Workbench details page. The TRANSUM plugin is also available totally free of charge - see the TRANSUM information page on the TribeLab website.

Best regards...Paul

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