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Sharkfest 2018 - TCP Fundamentals Part 1

TCP is a huge component of the reliable delivery of applications. You are using it at this moment to access and read this article. You are probably using it to deliver most - if not all - of your business critical services on your network.

But how does TCP "do it's thing?"

Why is the network often blamed even when a TCP-based problem is the real culprit?

Understanding how TCP works will help network engineers of all experience levels to be better troubleshooters. It will help them fix slow networks, identify the root cause of application issues, and finally get answers to perplexing performance questions. This video, recorded at Sharkfest USA 2018 in Mountain View, California, gives an overview of the fundamentals of TCP.

Sit back, grab some popcorn, and copy of Wireshark. Let's learn more about TCP!


Chris Greer is the Chief Packet Head for Packet Pioneer LLC and a Certified Wireshark Network Analyst. Chris regularly assists companies in tracking down the source of network and application performance problems using a variety of protocol analysis and monitoring tools including Wireshark. Chris also delivers training and develops technical content for Wireshark and for several analysis vendors.

Got packet questions?

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