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LMTV LIVE | Guarantee Application Performance with Network Emulation

This week we will be talking with Joe Zeto, VP of Product Management from Apposite Technologies, about the importance of network emulation in guaranteeing application performance.

We all know that networks are imperfect—so the question is how will a specific application perform in the real world over various network types with varying degrees network of quality? Or how do you get the most realistic understanding of your app’s quality in a geographically distributed environment?

We’ll touch upon a spectrum of different landscapes, cloud object storage, cloud migration, video streaming services, devops, the internet of things, and even satellite communications.

Some key thoughts we will discuss during the event:

  • How network performance impacts application quality

  • Why it’s critical to evaluate performance in development, QA, and system test before going live

  • Easy steps you can take to bring the wide area network to your local lab

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