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2017 Sharkfest Europe - Why do vendors go to Sharkfest?

2017 SharkFest Europe

10 years of SharkFest

Learning from the Professional Analysts that come to Sharkfest!

Why vendor’s should be at every Sharkfest!

ProfiShark and long-term capture is an example of why Vendors attend Sharkfest!

SharkFest Europe conference was a success! This year, the Wireshark conference took place in Estoril, Portugal and it didn’t disappoint, as expected. For the Profitap team, the event meant lots and lots of inspiration and interesting insights about packet analysis, network troubleshooting and network forensics.

As a Vendor they attend to learn about trends and issues from the high quality of attendees at Sharkfest.

Hey mister “want to capture a LOT of data” Like all of your data and see every frame, when you need to?

ProfiTAP Team - Geoffrey Kempenich (left) and Laurent Schirck (right)

Why Vendors at Sharkfest? – Jasper Bongertz a Wireshark Guru, Teacher and Developer sums it up - Having vendors showcasing their hardware and software solutions to the Sharkfest attendees is a big plus. There are always new cool things to discover and it's a great way to exchange information and experiences between solution providers and the users of their products. The audience at Sharkfest is extremely focused on all things network analysis, security, monitoring and troubleshooting, so there is no better targeting for the vendors than being present at this selective industry conference. Sharkfest is ALL ABOUT sharing and exchanging ideas!

Vendors build technology to visualize and solve complex network issues no better place to show their solutions as well as gain more insight into the issues faced by real world analysts, security experts and overall Network Engineers!

Example - ProfiTAP provides network monitoring tools, from high-density network TAPs and Packet Brokers to field service network troubleshooter. That’s why this conference was a must for us. Where else could we get better feedback from top network analysts than at a SharkFest event?

Profitap showcased its range of portable network troubleshooters – ProfiShark. In addition, we also presented a long-term traffic capture solution, that combines the best of a ProfiShark and a NAS. This way the Wireshark community can catch an intermittent problem in the act, so they can still do their analysis on a laptop, wherever they are.

They also shared useful tips and tricks with network professionals for analyzing data with Wireshark, or our own NPM/APM software, ProfiSight.

Besides this, Venders like ProfiTAP attended live sessions presented by experienced network analysts and had the privilege to witness their way of going through packets to evaluate and identify, mitigate and secure their network.

Finally, we want to say a huge thank you to the SharkFest team. They did a great job organizing this conference, so that we can enjoy a stunning geeky event.

ProfiTAP Author - Rick van Werven has made it his mission to spread the word on the importance of network visibility. Being the starting point of every troubleshooting analysis, cybersecurity monitoring and NPM/APM scenario, Total and exact visibility of the network is what makes or breaks your analysis, security or management technology. It all starts with a TAP! Rick works for ProfiTAP.

Paul Offord an instructor at Sharkfest and founder of Advance7 wrote a very good review of Sharkfest -

oin the list of 2017 sponsors – Riverbed, Garland Technology, IXIA, Nuvias,, Performance Vision, Gigamon, Endace, Wireshark University, Datacom, nTop, SCOS, Network Critical, ProfiTAP..and others.

The 2018 Sharkfest USA will be June 25 to 28 at the Computer Museum!

No one sleeps in Sharkfest classes

Super Instructor - Betty DuBois

Jasper Teaching in his COOL shirt!

Sharkfest + Wireshark Guru’s just chilling - Simon Lindermann (left) Sake Blok , Jasper Bongertz (right) Simon’s first year teaching at Sharkfest!

Gerald Combs - Mr. Wireshark

Miss WireShark University – Laura Chappell

Paul Offord – Wireshark and Sharkfest Instructor, LMT writer and founder of Advance7 and TribeLab -

If you want to see all your DATA – TAP IT!

Every Bit, Byte and Packet - Good and Bad!

From Garland Technology another vendor to sponsor Sharkfest!

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