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Palo Alto Packet Latency Case Study Using Workbench and Wireshark

Analyzing packets at two points provides an accurate way to determine the delays across a network. The team at Advance7 used this technique to find the cause of performance and stability problems with a web application. The system topology was complex, but very common in today's enterprise environments; users accessing systems using a Windows terminal and ESX VDI-delivered desktops.

Users reported slow response times and intermittent disconnects. The path through the network from VDI host to application server was 10 GbE all the way, and so link overload was unlikely. There were various theories about the cause of the problem but solid evidence was needed.

In this video we look at the techniques the Advance7 team used to identify the cause of the problem and provide the proof.

I use the Workbench Matcher and Syncro functions in this video to compare two traces. The Workbench Workflow Library now includes a workflow that gives comprehensive guidance to Matcher, including videos showing the steps involved. You can still get a free copy of Workbench from the Downloads section of the TribeLab Community website -

Best regards...Paul

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