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LMTV LIVE | Performance Article and TribeLab - Tony Fortunato and Paul Offord

In this episode, Tony Fortunato and Paul Offord are hijacking LMTV.

Tony is covering Cisco router speed testing and the merits of performance testing. Tony will briefly cover why you need to pay attention with the protocol you use and why you should avoid the disk - initially.

Paul is previewing two new updates to TribeLab Workbench; the first allowing you to explore more data types with tools like Excel and Wireshark, and the second extending the range of tools in the toolbox.

Paul will demonstrate how Excel can open not just a Wireshark trace file, but also an ETL file captured using netsh trace. We'll also see how we can add TraceWrangler to the toolbox to give us drag-and-drop anonymization of trace files.


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