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Using Microsoft's diskpart

I like to be familiar with many different areas of IT. I like to think I am about 1 mile wide and 1 inch deep in areas other than networking. Many times this comes in handy when I have to deal with my own technical challenges.

Just last week I was teaching a group of network analysts how to write a batch file to make their site survey’s more efficient and complete.

This week, I reached over and grabbed a USB flash drive and when I inserted it into my laptop, I noticed the drive was only reporting a fraction of its true size. Specifically, it was reporting approximately 300MB instead of 16 GB. I needed a way to recover the unallocated space reported on my USB flash drive.

I remembered that I had put either Linux or some other operating system on it, but Microsoft Disk Management can’t do much to help out. That’s when I have a command line flashback and remember good old diskpart and gave it a try.

I was pleasantly surprised that it worked and that I remembered how to use it.



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