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Wireshark 2.0 and Follow The Stream

For those of you who read and watch my videos on a regular basis will have heard this way too many times, but here I go.

You should always go through your most used features of any software after an upgrade to make sure nothing ‘broke’. But more importantly, to be aware of any changes to your favorite features.

In this video I cover a bit of Wireshark 2.0’s TCP-> Follow TCP Stream and some of the changes. In a follow up video I will be a bit more thorough, but figured this was a good start.

For those you haven’t used it. It’s a great way to do two things; create a TCP conversation display filter and to display all the payload in a screen. If the data is in clear text, you can see the various commands and responses. Both are color coded differently (ie Blue and Red) so you can easily tell them apart.


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