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LMTV Sharkfest | TRANSUM How-To Part 1 - Troubleshooting Network and Application Performance Problem

Is it the network or isn’t it?

Upon popular demand, +Paul Offord is giving us a re-run of his well attended SharkFest 15 session, which covers performance analysis theory and the practicalities of using the TRANSUM free plugin for Wireshark.

The purpose of this two-part LMTV presentation is to look at how network engineers can use TRANSUM to quickly analyse a slow response time problem and produce concrete proof of the cause.

Specifically, in Part 1, Paul will cover the concept of Request-Response Pairs, the RTE Model for measuring response times and the shortcomings of the standard Wireshark “Time from request” measurements.

Paul has had a 37-year career in the IT industry that includes roles in hardware engineering, software engineering and network management. Prior to founding Advance7, he worked with IBM, National Semiconductor and Hitachi Data Systems. Paul is leading a project called TribeLab with the objective of promoting evidence-based troubleshooting to the IT industry. TRANSUM is one of the first outputs from the TribeLab project.

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