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Wireshark 2 Preview

As I think back, I can clearly remember the days of Interop, Networld, and as I like to refer to those events, “SWAG FEST”.

For those of you who weren’t in the industry during this era, every booth at every show gave something away for dropping by. I saw the most practical things, like swiss army knives and travel coffee mugs to the most ridiculous things like a 5 foot blow-up Alien, replica hand grenades (love to try and bring that home today). Oh yes, and of course a ton of t-shirts.

Believe it or not, I am still wearing them and chuckle when I pay attention to the logo and realize that company no longer exists.

Enough of the reminiscing, in this article I show you that you have the next version of Wireshark already on your system as well as the current version of Wireshark. Sort of like, “Download one, get one free”.

So now you can play with the next version of Wireshark since the interface has been radically changed as well as many of the typical screens you work with.

For people in the training and blogging field, this is a love/hate situation. I always love using new software and like to see the product evolve. Unfortunately I hate the fact that I have to update all my training and blog materials.


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