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Wireshark Transum Free Plugin

Ok, let cut to the chase; whats better than a free tool like Wireshark?

Well, I’ll tell you. A free Plugin to help analyze packets.

Transum is a free plugin that you can get from

The easiest way to use the lua script is to create a shortcut like:

"C:\Program Files\Wireshark\Wireshark.exe" -X lua_script:transum.lua

The example on the webpage does a good job explaining the measurement terminology.

When a client process, such as Internet Explorer, sends an application request message, say an HTTP POST to a web server, there are four elements of the overall response time:

APDU Response Time - the total time the client must wait for completion of the request

Service Time - the time it takes for the service to process the request

Request Spread - the time needed to transport the whole request APDU from the client to the service

Response Spread - the time needed to transport the whole response APDU from the service to the client

As of today, the script supports the following protocols;

  • Web HTTP and HTTPS

  • Web service HTTP and HTTPS

  • Microsoft SQL database TDS without Multiple Active Result Set (MARS) activated

  • Oracle database TNS

  • PostgeSQL database

  • .NET Remoting both SOAP and binary

  • SMTP

  • FTP command connection

  • Many proprietary protocols that obey the flip-flop pattern

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