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100% Free Class for NDP readers! Through May 30th 2020!

Free to NDP Readers! -

DataTravel HOP Essentials.

Usually $249 Certification but Free for NDP Readers! and are new partners bringing both network and security expertise learning resources to the industry.

Free for NetworkDataPedia Readers - Use code - NDPfree

  1. Includes video training with questions as you go.

  2. Final practical is to upload a trace and “see where your data is going”.

  3. Test out with Expert Bill Alderson (Founder of HopZero) or another to interpret the HOP’s, ask questions and interact.

100% Free Course and Certification for our Readers!

Valid till May 30, 2020

Free Retro NetAnalyst Training Materials with over 50 hours of retro training.

Retro Ethernet, OSI Model, IP, Application Analysis…and More - FREE!

Tim O'Neill, known as “The OldcommGuy™” welcomes to serving the online Network and Security communities. “We look forward to bringing renewed interest in packet based network performance and security. “Network packets are the key discriminators of letting data into or out of an enterprise. Without knowledge of every packet field and how to analyze using a variety of network and security tools - no security professional can be on the top of her game.”



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