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ProfiTAP Heroes of Packet Analysis Quiz 2019! The winner is -

January 1, 2020

ProfiTAP Heroes of Packet Analysis QUIZ!


The Winner of the ProfiTAP Network Quiz challenge is !!!!!


Congratulations to
- Stefan aka „Jas Man“ from Germany, 41 years old, Network Administrator since more than 15 years in a company in the field of sanitary and heating technology.

My job is also my hobby!

I like to „play around“ with my private LAN, my OPNsense firewall and of course Wireshark.

The YouTube channel of Chris Greer has aroused my interest in packet analyzing and also the videos from Jasper and the SharkFest channel helped me to understand more and more about the world of Ethernet packets.


There will be another Chance for you to test your Network Analysis Skills in 2020! 

Watch for the announcement from the ProfiTAP Team on




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