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vSphere Automation Master Class

June 18, 2019

Free Webinar - View here



If you use vSphere on a daily basis, this a free webinar you simply cannot miss!


vSphere Automation Masterclass


Automation is key to maximizing the potential of vSphere, especially if you’re managing multiple systems and want to achieve as much with your time as possible. Did you know that most tasks in vSphere can be performed using automation? Did you know that the cloud can be used to conduct configuration changes for an on-premises cluster? Automation is an essential aspect of the modern-day vSphere administrator, and even if you are currently automating vSphere tasks, you might be unaware of the full possibilities it can deliver.


In this webinar, VMware vExperts Andy Syrewicze and Luke Orellana demonstrate powerful automation techniques that will enable “turbo-mode” for your datacenter. This webinar will feature several live demos covering:

  • The basics of PowerCLI

  • Deployment Automation

  • Desired State Configuration for vSphere

  • Cloud Integrations

  • And more!

vSphere Automation Masterclass is here to view. The reason they go through it all twice is to try and cater for live audiences on both sides of the Atlantic. Both sessions have the same content so it’s just a way of enabling as many people as possible to attend live and have the opportunity to ask questions live!


Click Here to view the webinar, Free.



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