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LMTV TribeLab | Rationale for Cross-Technology Troubleshooting

March 25, 2015


Tribal knowledge is the collective wisdom of a tribe. It is the sum total of all the survival lessons and capabilities accumulated generation after generation by all of its tribal members. Unfortunately, while tribal knowledge is often known, it is rarely understood.


At +TribeLab, it is believed that traditional tribal-based network troubleshooting techniques are fast becoming irrelevant, making a strong case for switching to evidence-based troubleshooting methodology.


This week,+Paul Offord, CEO of Advance7 and co-founder of +TribeLab, will discuss the rationale for cross-technology network troubleshooting.


Paul will share with us his observation that it is becoming ever more evident that conventional troubleshooting techniques are no longer meeting the needs of the IT department. Although there is still a need for specialists operating in vertical technology towers (2nd and 3rd line support), this model is failing to quickly detect and correct service performance and stability issues.


Paul will outline the problem, explain how IT departments are building cross-technology troubleshooting teams and deal with some of the myths surrounding such teams.

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