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Mac address hunter

January 6, 2015

I was working with a customer after a switch upgrade and we noticed some ports going off and online.


The natural reaction is to ask, “who is that and is it a problem”.


The new switches weren’t added to the management system, so I showed them how to do it manually and they were very grateful.


So in this video I walk you through how to determine the MAC, IP address and device name.


Here are some of the switch commands I used:

sh log

sh run int gig 2/0/13

sh mac address-table interface gig 2/0/13

sh arp | inc 0026.228e.8c85

conf t

int gig 2/0/13

description Cable E - Sues Desk



sh run int gig 2/0/13

Here is the Microsoft commands

nbtstat -A






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