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Tracewrangler Review - Edit your trace files

August 6, 2013

Many of my clients or I can not share trace files because sensitive public
ip addresses, port numbers or data is easily seen within the trace.
Unfortunately many vendors would benefit from the trace to address a
performance or bug within their product.


In the end I typically resort to blurred screen captures, a lot of writing
and more phone conversations to convey what I am trying to explain.  


Because of this extra effort, I must admit that as a general rule, I shy
away from offering trace files.


Stuart, one of my readers passed on this little gem called, "tracewrangler"
that can 'sanitize' or change your trace files.


I've used it a few times this week and found it quite good.

it is a portable app in the sense that there is no installation required
and whips through a 1MB file in a blink of an eye. note that this utlity
only supports Wireshark's new pcapng format.


Hope you like it.




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