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Troubleshooting WiFi Outdoors *

I can’t believe how many times I catch analysts off guard when I suggest going out (when possible) to physically inspect the equipment or perform a site inspection.

I know, I know, in some cases you can't go physically there because the issue is in another city/country, etc.. but with the miracle of Zoom, meetings, facetime, or whatever video conferencing software you have, you can have a virtual walk-through. In some cases where video conferencing was not possible, I suggested having someone onsite take photos or videos with their phone and put them on their shared drive. There are many creative ways to accomplish this, trust me. Back to the problem.

This wireless camera was up and running for a few years when suddenly response times and packet loss shot up. After checking all the regular WiFi things that people check, I suggested going out to see it for myself and presented my findings/solution in the video.



Tony Fortunato

Sr Network Performance Specialist

The Technology Firm

Getting things to work better - bit by bit-

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