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Trials and Tribulations - VOIP Migration *

Well here we go again with another install.

I was asked to help with a VOIP migration and the first thing I asked was, “Do you have documentation? “ I was assured by the client that they had all the documentation and it would be there on the day of the installation. I asked if they would mind sharing it and they said they’re too busy right now. In my experience that raises a big red flag but I had to let it go.

I get there for the installation only to find out that the documentation is out of date.

I suggested that the first thing we do is determine which lines are in use along with the respective phone number. Since the old lines were standard old pots lines, I took an old analog phone, called my cell phone, and documented which line had which phone number. I then used some folder labels that I always carry around and labeled the physical lines with the respective phone number.

To me, this exercise seemed like a fairly obvious thing, but to my client, they thought it was black magic LOL.

Needless to say, I took the time to document the installation with drawings, downloaded manuals, and some photos.

I will post more details as you go through the migration with my trials and tribulations and hope you enjoy it.


Tony Fortunato

Sr Network Performance Specialist

The Technology Firm

Getting things to work better - bit by bit-




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