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The Build: First Steps

A client asked me to design, configure, and install network equipment at their new site.

In my typical style, I will keep these write-ups short but hopefully, helpful.

Before I jump into anything; "Being as organized as possible and prepared is key to success".

Here is a bullet list of things that need to get addressed in no particular order:

-          Client interview

-          Current network equipment inventory to determine current configuration and what equipment needs to be upgraded

-          Get a floor plan of the new site and existing site if possible

-          Make a list of new network equipment

-          New site walk-thru to review where the telecom closet is and what gets terminated there

-          New equipment configuration and testing

-          Installation

Of course, there will be a ton of stuff that pops up that I haven’t considered yet.

Client interview

Talked to the client and asked what new services they plan to have at the new site that they do not have currently have. They explained the new place will be much larger, so they will have several conference rooms, an outside courtyard, and a large event room.

I asked when they wanted to be moved in at the new site and the answer was June 1st, which isn’t a lot of time when you factor in the time required for site visits, equipment, service orders, change orders, testing, installation, etc…

I then reviewed what technical services they currently have and determined they obviously need internet access, wifi, typical file server/print services, phones/voip, and VPN access.

Next step is to schedule a visit to the current location to get a physical inventory and inventory what equipment is there.

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