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The 12 Best Linux Distributions for Windows Users

Entering the world of Linux can be complicated for new users. Today, we will break down the process and find the best Linux distribution that's most comfortable for Windows users.

You may have read other tutorials recommending which Linux distro you should try. Still, I have one advantage - I've been a Windows user for about 30 years, even running a well-known Windows download and help site. Yet, I don't remember the last time (over ten years) I used Linux, which makes me uniquely suited to recommend a distribution. I'm going in blind, simply choosing distributions that promise to make life easy for Windows users and are recommended by Linux users. I am in no position to write a full-blown Linux review of any distro. As a Windows user, I can take a short test drive, provide a screenshot, and give you my opinion.

We can easily eliminate the majority of Linux builds based on their purpose. These include gaming, servers, networking, diagnostics, hacking, anonymity, software selection, older hardware, and, yes, much more. An individual or team created each Linux distro to solve a problem, so let's consider solving the problem of moving from Windows to Linux.

Let's briefly discuss the basics of the many different Linux distributions.


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