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ProfiTAP's - HEROES OF PACKET ANALYSIS Challenge 2021!



QUIZ 2021



We all know network monitoring starts with visibility. But knowing how to read your analysis tools is just as important! That’s why the Heroes of Packet Analysis have teamed up once again and prepared brand new challenges for you.

That’s not all: this time you can win the Wireshark Workbook from our educational partner Chappell University, and as a grand prize, an IOTA 1G! Everything you need to stay in control of your network.

- August Question -

Mike Pennacchi – Poor Wi-Fi Performance

Clients are reporting that Wi-Fi performance is very slow. They can connect to the Internet, but every time they try to download files or watch videos, the load time is very slow.

You have gone out and captured the 802.11 wireless traffic to and from the wireless access point.

Here is the key information about the network:

  • SSID: packetchallenge

  • Passphrase: npsllc02

  • IP Subnet: 192/168.88.0/24

Based on the contents of THIS TRACE FILE (35mb), which of the following is most likely the cause of the poor performance?

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Good luck, and may the Packets be forever in your favor!

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