Figuring out the IP Address of your Equipment, like my Profitap IOTA

I can’t tell you how many times I’m working with a client and I grab a piece of equipment that no one knows the ip address of. I have written articles in the past showing you how to figure out the ip address of the device when it’s some sort of network equipment.

The other day I ran into the same scenario with a client who purchased a Profitap IOTA. Not to get into salesman mode but the IOTA is an inline packet capture analysis tool. If you want more information go to

They didn’t want to reset the unit but didn’t know if had a static ip or dhcp enabled, so I showed them how to figure it out by capturing some packets. The key point in this exercise is to ensure you are connected to the device management port, or the port that would have the ip address configured. In this case, I made sure I did not connect to the inline ports since the ip address is configured on the management port.

In some cases you also have to ensure you have the proper Ethernet cable since some devices do not support MDX and you require an Ethernet crossover cable.

In the video below, I walk you through how to use Wireshark to identify if the IOTA has a static ip address, what the default ip address and port number is for the IOTA. In this specific example, I pinged the device and then used my web browser to access the unit. In many cases, this is when I would assign a static ip address if I was deploying the unit as well as changing the default password.


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