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Optimizing application performance: Moving from TCP to UDP to get your network running QUICkly!

Do you know how to optimize your application performance well enough? Do you know why shifting from TCP over to UDP makes a huge difference? Well listen in on the 3rd episode of Decrypted Chatter as the host, Mike Canney, of Accedian welcomes the Packet Pioneer, Chris Greer!

We all know that the journey down the QUIC path is not always an easy one! However, learning how to make your applications run more QUICkly across your network, and getting to the bottom of why your networks may be getting congested is a start! Mike and Chris’s exchange revolves around the journey down the QUIC path! They examine the importance of moving from TCP to UDP to get your network running QUICkly and focus on why shifting from TCP over to UDP is inevitable.

You’ll learn about the QUIC transport layer network protocol and why we should be paying attention to it. You’ll understand how to boost your network speed, better understand flow controls and what happens when congestion occurs, and learn how to ensure your data can move across the network securely and efficiently. And last but not least, you’ll find out how to get to the bottom of degradations and take advantage of UDP, kicking that bottleneck TCP to the curb!

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Decrypted Chatter is aimed at taking complex technical topics and breaking them down into easy to understand concepts with the help of gurus from across the IT and cybersecurity ether. Topics range from cybersecurity, cyber resilience, network performance, performance troubleshooting, and everything in between.


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